CanLII’s Note Up and Citation Linking System Improved – Tip of the Week

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By Alan Kilpatrick

CanLII has recently improved its note up and citation linking system.  The system, known as Reflex, has been upgraded to include greater functionality and additional automation.  CanLII’s citation linking system now offers a wider variety of parallel citations.  For example, it now features citations from other online databases including QuickLaw and Westlaw.


Reflex has allowed CanLII to automate citation linking and makes the process more reliable.  Previously, this was a manual process.  CanLII’s note up feature is also now more robust and extensive.  The note up feature has been updated to offer access to a greater variety of cases not yet present on CanLII.


You can learn more about the upgrades to CanLII on The CanLII Blog.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library has worked closely with CanLII to substantially increase coverage of Saskatchewan case law. Over 13,000 cases have been added to CanLII over the past year. The Law Society Library is excited to announce that this provides a nearly complete record of Saskatchewan case law from 1907 to the present.

Greater functionality and case law coverage make CanLII the best place to access Canadian law.  We are looking forward to seeing additional improvements to CanLII in the future.

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