New Journal Issues – March 2015

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By Ken Fox

The Advocates’ Quarterly

Volume 43, Number 4 (February 2015)

  • The Future of Privacy: The Conflict with Free Expression / Dr. Chris D.L. Hunt
  • Recent Developments in Maintaining Solicitor-Client Privilege / Dan Murdoch and Khrystina McMillan
  • Health Care Professionals and the Privacy Rights of Patients / Elizabeth McIntyre
  • Governing Principles and Recent Trends in the Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants in Franchise Agreements / Jennifer Dolman, Adam Ship, Rebecca Hall-McGuire and Tyler Wentzell
  • Reconsidering the Right to Restitution for Benefits Transferred Under a Discharged Contract / Stephen Archibald
  • The Threshold of Fault: Damages Awards under Section 24(1) of the Charter / Kevin McGivney and Cheryl Woodin


Canadian Criminal Law Review

Volume 19, Number 1 (January 2015)

  • Guest Editor’s Introduction: Perspectives on Youth Offending and the Youth Criminal Justice Act in Canada / Shahid Alvi
  • Mental Health in the Context of Canada’s Youth Justice System / Michele Peterson-Badali et al.
  • Where Systems Collide: Youth Court, Child Protection, Interdisciplinary Approaches, and Section 35 Reports / Ross Green
  • How Court Officials “Create” Youth Crime: The Use and Consequences of Bail Conditions / Jane B. Sprott
  • A Perspective on Toronto’s Community Youth Court / Brian Weagant
  • In Search of the Mature Sixteen Year Old in Youth Justice Court / Jamie Campbell
  • Section 146 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act: “Out of the Mouths of Babes” / Rochelle Direnfeld
  • Accessing Police Records under the Youth Criminal Justice Act / Andrea E.E. Tuck-Jackson
  • Accepting That Children Are Not Miniature Adults: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Youth Criminal Justice Developments in Canada and the United States / Brock Jones
  • Young Adults: An Overlooked Population in Canadian Correctional Policy and Legislation / Carla Cesaroni
  • Child Welfare Adolescents & the Youth Justice System: Failing to Respond Effectively to Crossover Youth / Nicholas Bala et al.
  • La justice participative ev la Loi sur le système de justice pènale pour les adolescents / Lise Gagnon and Serge Charbbonneau


Osgoode Hall Law Journal

Volume 51, Issue 3 (Spring 2014)
Symposium in Honour of John McCamus, Teaching and Scholarship
Guest Editors: Jamie Cameron & Stephanie Ben-Ishai

  • Foreword / Jamie Cameron and Stephanie Ben-Ishai
  • Introduction / Harry Arthurs
  • Mistake in Assumptions / Stephen Waddams
  • Disclaimers of Contractual Liability and Voluntary Obligations / Michael G. Pratt
  • Consideration Which Happens to Fail / Andrew Kull
  • The Justice in Unjust Enrichment / Dan Priel
  • Law Reform for Dummies (3rd Edition) / Roderick A. MacDonald
  • An Evaluation Model for Non-Governmental Organizations Engaged in Advocacy / Nathalie Des Rosiers
  • Accessing Justice Amid Threats of Contagion / Janet E. Mosher
  • What is Access to Justice? / Trevor C. W. Farrow
  • Investigating Integrated Domestic Violence Courts: Lessons from New York / Jennifer Koshan
  • Book Review: Mistrial: An Inside Look at How the Criminal Justice System Works…and Sometimes Doesn’t, by Mark Geragos and Pat Harris / Ryan Heighton

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