Book Review – Video Game Law

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By Alan Kilpatrick

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Video Game Law, 1st Edition
By Jon Festinger
LexisNexis, 2005

In December 2014, Legal Sourcery reviewed an exciting print title in the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library collection, Video Game Law, 2nd edition.  We have now learned that the first edition of this item, published in 2005, is freely available online as an ebook through the University of British Columbia (UBC) Wiki.  Check out the free ebook here.  The ebook covers five topics: devices, games, liabilities, and freedoms.  Those interested in this unique area of the law should bookmark this ebook for future reference.

Jon Festinger, Q.C., the author, teaches media, technology, and video game law at the UBC Faculty of Law.  He explains why he made the first edition freely available online in his ebook author’s note,

At the end of the day though, the real reason the first edition of Video Game Law is now openly available has to do with the focused and dedicated students of the course who have written so many great term papers over the years. Students richly deserve every research resource we can give them, and here is one more.

Additional resources about video game law can be found at Festinger’s UBC course site for Video Game Law (423B).  Resources listed on the course site are open and free to use. They include YouTube videos, tutorials, blog posts, and relevant news stories.  For further information, we encourage you to check this out.


In the Legal Sourcery book review, new, thought-provoking, and notable library resources are reviewed. If you would like to read any of the resources reviewed, please contact our library at or (306) 569-8020. Let us know if there is a book you would like reviewed.


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