Day: February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day, Legally

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By Jenneth Hogan

Are you in a last-minute rush to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your special someone? Want to add some holiday cheer to the office? Try your hand at these legal themed gems.





Maybe you’ve already found your “one true love” but you’d like to take it one step further. Make them your official Valentine with this handy form. Don’t forget, it’s only legally binding if there’s a signature.

Dear Valentine, (hereinafter referred to as “My One True Love“)

WHEREAS, I am madly in love with My One True Love, it is herein proposed that my One True Love be also granted the title of “My Valentine“. Now, therefore, My One True Love agrees to be bound to the present Valentine Agreement subject to the following terms and conditions hereto:

  1. REFLEXIVITY. My One True Love agrees to unilaterally bestow upon me the title of “My Valentine”.
  2. EXCLUSIVITY. For the duration of this agreement, My One True Love may not enter in to a Valentine Agreement with other parties.
  3. DEMONSTRABILITY. Both parties agree to perform at least one (1) but no more than three (3) displays of public affection including, but not limited to, a kiss.


Valentine contract:


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By Alan Kilpatrick

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