CBA Saskatchewan Branch Mid-Winter Meeting (Throwback Thursday)

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CBA Saskatchewan Branch Newsletter Vol. II, No. 1, October 1987
CBA Saskatchewan Branch Newsletter Vol. II, No. 1, October 1987

The CBA Saskatchewan Branch 2015 Mid-Winter Meeting  kicks off this morning in Saskatoon. This year’s program includes Alternative Business Models, mediation, social media, real estate law, small business tax issues, the Gladue Report, Aboriginal law, multidisciplinary approach, and much more.

What was on the program in the CBA Mid-Winter Meeting 27 years ago?

Ron Piche reported in The Canadian Bar Association Saskatchewan Branch Newsletter Volume II No. 3 (May 1988) that 365 lawyers (representing 25% of Saskatchewan’s practicing bar), 170 guests and 40 panelists registered for the conference held on February 4 – 6, 1988, at the Regina Inn, Regina.

“The Criminal Code is inadequate, some businesses will always complain about how they are taxed, and the Baby “M” surrogacy case could easily have happened in Saskatchewan. With a range of debate like that bouncing off the walls of Regina Inn – it could only have been the Canadian Bar Association’s Saskatchewan Branch Mid-Winter Meeting.”

The highlights of the conference included:

  • a debate on the merits of a re-codified Criminal Code, which was released in 1987. The revamped Code codified many common law criminal defences such as intoxication, necessity and automatism
  • a debate on the legacy of Baby “M”, in which Gerald Tegart explained that the fate of Baby “M” would have been much the same under Saskatchewan laws (re Baby M, 537 A.2d 1227, 109 N.J. 396 (N.J. 1988) – the first American court ruling on the validity of surrogacy)

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