New Books in the Library

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

More new books from Irwin Law recently added to our collection:

NewBkIntellectualPropIntellectual Property for the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Edited by B Courtney Doagoo, Mistrale Goudreau, Madelaine Saginur and Teresa Scassa
Irwin Law
561 pages

Over the past two decades, globalization, digitization, and the rise of the Internet have each contributed to a new prominence for intellectual property law in public policy debates around the world. Questions about how intellectual property is controlled, licensed, used, and reused are all part of a growing public discourse that now engages far more than an elite cadre of lawyers. Because intellectual property law now trenches so deeply on issues of economics, culture, health, commerce, creativity, and intellectual freedom, it is no surprise that there is also a burgeoning literature on intellectual property issues that comes, not just from legal academics or lawyers, but from those trained in other disciplines. In the spring of 2012, the Centre for Law, Technology, and Society at the University of Ottawa hosted a workshop that sought to bring together academics from different disciplines interested in intellectual property law in order to stimulate discussion across disciplines, to encourage the development of collaborative efforts, and to produce a body of research that explores intellectual property law issues from explicitly interdisciplinary perspectives. The collection of papers in this book is the product of this workshop.


NewBkInternationalLawInternational Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory
By John H. Currie, Craig Forcese, Joanna Harrington and Valerie Oosterveld
Irwin Law
1024 pages

International Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory is an innovative and unique volume which crosses the traditional boundaries between textbook, casebook, and scholarly monograph. The book is designed primarily as an introduction to the system and substance of international law. It is also a convenient and comprehensive reference work on the most important aspects of this burgeoning field.


NewBkBeyondBordersLaw Beyond Borders: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in an Age of Globalization
By Steve Coughlan, Robert J. Currie, Hugh M. Kindred and Teresa Scassa
Irwin Law
388 pages

This book is about the reach of law beyond state borders from a Canadian perspective. It investigates the scope of the legal and practical power of Canada to assert, and to respond to foreign assertions of, extraterritorial jurisdiction. Ultimately, the authors articulate a theoretical and analytical framework to aid decision making by law and policy makers when Canada is faced with the issue of whether to act extraterritorially. The book revisits Canadian jurisdictional principles and practices in a way that will resonate with lawyers and legal policy makers of all kinds.


NewBkMediationMediation for Civil Litigators: Issues and Solutions
By John Hollander
Irwin Law

Mediation presents a number of issues that confront the practitioner moving through the legal process, and this handbook guides the practitioner along that path. Law school rarely provides rigorous training in negotiation skills, yet the art of negotiation is central to the mediation process, the purpose of which is to facilitate settlement. Offering perspectives from several mediators, this handbook provides numerous commentaries and opinions about different aspects of mediation, as well as practical tips for successful negotiation and management of the mediation process.


NewBkPrivacyRightsPrivacy Rights in the Global Digital Economy: Legal Problems and Canadian Paths to Justice
By Lesley A. Jacobs
Irwin Law
118 pages

This book maps the complex privacy protection landscape in Canada. Chapters address privacy rights and privacy protection, the mobilization of privacy rights in the context of social networking, the protection of children’s privacy in virtual-world games, the threats of “smart” advertising, and the very current issue of cyberbullying and privacy.


NewBkBailUnderstanding Bail in Canada
By Gary T. Trotter
Irwin Law

Bail engages a dramatic conflict between individual freedom and society’s right to protect itself. While the conflict is straightforward and easy to understand, the same is not true of Canadian bail law. In this book, Justice Gary T Trotter, a former prosecutor and law professor, provides a straightforward account of this bewilderingly complex area of the law. In a highly readable style, Trotter draws a straight line through this legal morass, making it accessible to the legal profession and beyond.




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