Day: January 30, 2015

CPD Full-Text Search (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you familiar with the CPD Full-Text Search?  This is a unique legal resource created by the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library.  The CPD Full-Text Search allows you to locate full-text Saskatchewan legal articles.

Most legal articles published by the Saskatchewan Legal Education Society (SKLESI), Saskatchewan CPLED program, and the Law Society of Saskatchewan CPD seminars are available in full-text through this resource.

For example, let’s locate articles that discuss child support and the age of majority in Saskatchewan.  You can find a link to the CPD Full-Text Search at the top of the library catalogue.


Let’s start by typing “child support” & “age of majority” in the Full-Text search box.


Our search located 44 articles.  For example, the second search result is a 2011 Law Society of Saskatchewan CPD article, A Review of Adult Child Support in Saskatchewan.  Selecting the link will allow us to read the entire article.


If you have any questions about the CPD Full-Text Search, Ask a Law Society Librarian. We are pleased to provide legal research assistance to Saskatchewan members in person, on the telephone, or by email.


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