Day: January 23, 2015

Judicial Considerations of Court Rules (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

Did you know that Saskatchewan Cases can search for judicial considerations of Saskatchewan court rules?  All court rules mentioned in Saskatchewan case law are indexed in the database.  Saskatchewan Cases was created by the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library in 1999.  It is updated and maintained by library staff.

For example, has Rule 15 from The Court of Appeal Rules ever been considered in a Saskatchewan court?  You can find a link to Saskatchewan Cases on the library homepage.



Let’s start by typing “ca rule 15” in the Rules Considered box.  This will conduct a search for Saskatchewan cases that have considered this rule.


128 cases have considered Rule 15.  A rules considered field is included with each of the results.  For example, we can see that Fehr v Turta, 2014 SKCA 91 has considered this rule.


Next, has Rule 7-9 from The Queen’s Bench Rules ever been considered in a Saskatchewan court?  Let’s type “qb rule 7-9” in the Rules Considered box and then click the search button.


16 cases have considered Rule 7-9.


In July 2013, the current version of The Queen’s Bench Rules came into force.  They feature a new rule numbering system different from the numbering system in the old rules.  As such, we may want to check if the former rule was considered in a Saskatchewan court.  Let’s consult the Table of Concordances to determine the former rule number.


Let’s type “qb rule 173” in the Rules Considered box.


568 cases have considered former rule 173.  For example, Collins v Pelletier, 2014 SKCA 130 has considered the former rule.



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