Bills Recently Introduced

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The following are a few snippets of bills recently introduced into the Saskatchewan Legislature 4th Session, 27th Legislature (Oct. 22, 2014 to December 2, 2014):

Bill 166 – The Local Government Election Act, 2014 (1st Reading Nov.27/14)
New Act repeals the Local Government Election Act

Bill 170 – The Fire Safety Act (1st Reading Dec.1/14)
New Act repeals the Fire Prevention Act, 1992

Bill 171 – The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code Amendment Act, 2014 (1st Reading Dec.2/14)
Proponents of transgender equality have one word for the provincial government’s proposed changes to the human rights code: “Monumental.” (The StarPhoenix, December 3 2014)

Bill 172 The Naturopathic Medicine Act (1st Reading Dec.2/14)
New Act repeals the Naturopathy Act

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