2014 Clawbies (Canadian Law Blog Awards)

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By Sarah Roussel-Lewis

Every year Canadian Law Blogs wait in anticipation for December 1st when the Clawbies officially open. They all rush to their computers/laptops/tablets/phones to write up a short blurb on what the Clawbies are and which blogs (up to three) they nominate.  As this is our first year as a blog, we will be doing the exact same thing.

The Clawbies were started in 2006 to emphasize more Canadian Law Blogs in the legal community.  Their rules are simple:

  1. Nominate a blog two different ways
    1. Write a blog post nominating up to three Canadian Law Blogs
    2. Tweet your nomination with #clawbies2014
  2. Don’t nominate yourself

So without further ado here are the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library Canadian Law Blog nominations.

Best Practitioner Blog : Family LLB

Russell Alexander, an Ontario family law lawyer, posts two to three times a week with videos or commentary on recent family law cases. Their use of videos to attract people more into visual content is a great idea for a blog.

Legal News Blog: Wise Law Blog

One of the most useful websites we have come across while formulating our Monday Pick-Me-Up posts. Garry J. Wise has taken on the task of making a daily post gathering any and all legal link headlines.

Best law school/law professor blog: The Court

The Court, an Osgoode Hall Law School blog, strives to analyze recent cases from the Supreme Court of Canada. The Court has succeeded in keeping the public informed of upcoming and current Supreme Court cases with almost daily blog posts.

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