Saskatchewan Limitations Manual Online

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By Kelly Laycock

In February 2014, the Library brought you the updated and revised Saskatchewan Limitations Manual Online, a public resource that contains an alphabetical list of all Saskatchewan statutes with limitation periods, complete with relevant case law annotations. This fall, we’ve had our best annotators working to update that information to help our members stay current. The Law Society Library is happy to announce that those changes are now complete and the manual is ready for use!

Highlights of the November 2014 Release

Current to September 30, 2014

  • New acts added, such as:
    • The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act, SS 2013, c C-30.2
    • The Saskatchewan Employment Act, SS 2013, c S-15.1
    • The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013, SS 2013, c W-17.11
  • New case law for other popular acts, such as:
    • The Arbitration Act, 1992, SS 1992, c A-24.1
    • The Automobile Accident Insurance Act, SS 1978, c A-35
    • The Limitations Act, SS 2004, c L-16.1
  • Upcoming acts not yet proclaimed, such as:
    • The Accounting Profession Act, SS 2014, c A-3.1
    • The Lobbyists Act, SS 2014, c L-27.01
    • The Wildfire Act, SS 2014, c W-13.01

…and more! Check it out!

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