Book Review – Courts, Litigants and the Digital Age (eBook)

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By Alan Kilpatrick


Courts Litigants and the Digital Age
By Karen Eltis
Irwin Law, 2012
134 pp.


The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library is excited to highlight a new eBook available to members, Courts, Litigants and the Digital Age.  This eBook is for you if you have questions about the impact of new technology on the justice system.  Irwin Law describes the item on its website.

Courts Litigants and the Digital Age examines the ramifications of technology for courts, judges, and the administration of justice. It sets out the issues raised by technology, and, particularly, the Internet, so that conventional paradigms can be updated in the judicial context. In particular, the book dwells on issues such as proper judicial use of Internet sources, judicial ethics and social networking, electronic court records and anonymization techniques, control of the courtroom and jurors’ use of new technologies, as well as the Internet’s impact on judicial appointments and the diversity of the judiciary. Through examination of relevant practical, legal, and ethical issues, it endeavours to extract lessons from the developing issues surveyed.

This item is conveniently available as an eBook (for Law Society of Saskatchewan members only).  It is also available in print at KF 8733.E51 2012.


In the Legal Sourcery book review, new, thought-provoking, and notable library resources are reviewed. If you would like to read any of the resources reviewed, please contact our library at or (306) 569-8020. Let us know if there is a book you would like reviewed.


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