Ebooks from Irwin Law (Tip of the Week)

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By Alan Kilpatrick

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library is excited to provide over 100 ebooks from the Irwin Law e-Library to all Saskatchewan members. Ebooks are offered on a variety of legal topics and includes the popular Essentials of Canadian Law series.

Conveniently, these ebooks are available on your computer desktop, at home, or in your office. You can access the Irwin Law e-Library from the Members’ Section of the Law Society of Saskatchewan website.


The e-Library home page provides a basic search, advanced search, and subject list at the top of the screen.


Let’s do an advanced search to locate an ebook on criminal law. Select the Advanced Search tab from the top of the screen and search for ebooks with the phrase criminal law in the title.



Our advanced search located ten ebooks. Let’s go ahead and select Criminal Law, Fifth Edition by Kent Roach.


Criminal Law, Fifth Edition is then displayed on the screen. Let’s take a close look at the layout of the ebook.


  • At the top – A tool bar allows you to turn pages, zoom in and out, highlight text, copy text, and take notes.
  • On the left – The ebook is displayed. Pages can be turned with the arrows on the tool bar.
  • On the right – The table of contents can be used to open a specific chapter of the ebook.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library also provides over 30 ebooks from Emond Montgomery Publications.

If you have any questions about Irwin Law e-Library, ask a Law Society Librarian.  Library staff provide legal research assistance to members in person, on the telephone, or by e-mail.

AskLibnEmail reference@lawsociety.sk.ca
Call 306-569-8020 in Regina
Toll-free 1-877-989-4999
Fax 306-569-0155

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