Day: April 29, 2014

Cross-referencing footnotes in Word

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Feature Blogger: Reché McKeague

footnotes2aMost of our research usually ends up in a written document. As good researchers and writers, we always indicate the source of our research. (Right? Right.) As a result, knowing how to efficiently footnote our research can be as helpful as knowing where to go to find the research in the first place. So, I present to you: cross-referencing footnotes in Word.

I most commonly cross-reference a footnote when, in a later footnote, I refer to an earlier footnote by supra. The benefit of inserting a cross-reference, rather than just typing in the earlier footnote number, is that inserting a cross-reference creates a hyperlink within the document. So, if you add or delete footnotes before or between the earlier footnote and the supra, rather than having to go through and manually change all the “supra note #,” with the click of a button Word will update all the footnote numbers for you. Depending on the length of your document, this can save you hours of mind-numbing work. Read the rest of this entry »