Day: April 1, 2014

Law Day!

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Thursday, April 10 is Law Day! Law Day was introduced in 1983 by the Canadian Bar Association to commemorate the signing of the Charter. Several activities will be taking place in Saskatchewan including:

  • Law Day Fun Run: Saskatoon (April 5) & Regina (April 12)
  • Mock Trial Competition: Saskatoon (April 5)
  • Law in Your Life Presentations: Informative legal sessions hosted by volunteer lawyers at Public Library branches in Saskatoon & Regina
  • Law Day Luncheons with Ian Hanomansing: Regina (April 10) & Saskatoon (April 11)

Please visit the CBA website for further information.

Look to Law Reform!

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Feature Blogger: Reché McKeague

Law reform publications are a great place to start your research on a legal topic. To produce recommendations of value, law reform agencies delve deeply into each topic area, researching the history of the law, the development of the law in other jurisdictions, academic and judicial commentary on the law, and commentary by other disciplines. The resulting publications are a gold mine of legal research, providing not only an introduction to the topic, but commentary on the public policy behind the law, how the law compares in other jurisdictions, and how the law should be improved.

I recommend law reform publications as one of the sources with which to start your research. There are six active Canadian law reform agencies; most have a complete archive of publications on their website:

The British Columbia Law Institute also maintains a Law Reform Database. From their website:

The World Law Reform Database has been under continuous development since 1988. Each record describes a discrete publication of one of the law-reform agencies in Canada, the Commonwealth of Nations, or the United States. Most of these publications are held within the British Columbia Law Institute’s library.

A linked list of law reform agencies in other countries can be found on the Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan’s website.

Will you look for a law reform publication when you start your next research project? Do you have any comments on how best to use this resource? Let us know in the comments.