CanLII: Looking For a Community Manager

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By Sarah Sutherland; reblogged with permission from the CanLII Blog

CanLII is the leading source of Canadian law online. We are working to transforming access to legal information, and we play a pivotal role in access to justice. We are looking for a part-time Community Manager to work with our online community. This role can be filled remotely from anywhere in Canada.


Working closely with CanLII’s director of programs and partnerships and manager of community and content, the community manager monitors the web and interacts with online users via the organization’s social media accounts, blogs, and websites. The community manager creates original posts based on content added to CanLII along with other relevant news.

In this role, you will deliver fresh and relevant content and help promote the work of CanLII. You will also monitor user accounts and content contributions on key websites, including and CanLII Connects.

The role requires availability for approximately 10-15 hours / week on a flexible schedule.


We are open to applicants from different backgrounds, but we see potential for people who possess the skills developed in academic training and professional experience in law, libraries and information, and publishing. If your background is different, convince us why you would be perfect for this role.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

  • You understand the online environment and can make it work for you;
  • You write well and can influence others with your writing;
  • Fluency in both English and French (reading, writing, and speaking);
  • Intrinsically motivated;
  • Ability to use and learn various online technologies;
  • Comfortable in a remote work arrangement.

This is a term limited part-time position with potential for renewal, and we would like to have the successful candidate in place in August 2019.

Send applications to by July 22, 2019.

Useful Resources: Slaw Tips

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For the last two years, some of the best legal research and technology tips from our Legal Sourcery team have also been featured on SlawTips. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, SlawTips features advice you can use on technology, practice and research. If you want to receive these tips directly, you can sign up with email or RSS, and you can follow @SlawTips on Twitter. Excerpts also appear each Tuesday on for the week’s most recent entries.

Recent SlawTips include:

The Trouble with Terminology


More Confusing Pairs

A full list of all 125 of Law Society legal research tips can also be found under the ‘Tip of the Week’ category on the right hand side of our blog or by following this link. Our technology tips are listed under ‘Technology’ or can be found here.

The Supreme Advocacy Newsletter and Crown’s Newsletter Are Now on CanLII

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By Sarah Sutherland; reblogged with permission from the CanLII Blog

We are happy to announce the addition of the Supreme Advocacy Newsletter and the Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association’s Crown’s Newsletter to CanLII’s commentary section.

Supreme Advocacy LLP has been uploading their summaries on CanLII Connects since it started in 2014, and the newsletter is a well known service to the legal community. We are grateful to have it available now as a newsletter on This weekly newsletter provides summaries of the latest Supreme Court of Canada decisions and covers both appeals and leaves to appeal. You can read them here.

The Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association was founded in 1946 and has been publishing their annual newsletter for the last nine years. Crown’s Newsletter includes valuable insights into litigation practice, and it’s welcome that the association members have decided to share them. You can read them here.

Please join us in thanking the members of Supreme Advocacy LLP and Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association for sharing their expertise and contributing to open commentary.

New Journal Issues – June 2019

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By Sara Stanley, Library Technician

Dalhousie Law Journal

Volume 41, Number 2 (Fall 2018)

A “Reasonable” of Sexual Privacy in the Digital Age / Moira Aikenhead

Canada’s Residential Schools and the Right to Integrity / Amy Anderson, Dallas K. Miller, and Dwight Newman

Genderfucking Non-Disclosure: Sexual Fraud, Transgender Bodies, and Messy Identities / Florence Ashley

From Law to Legal Studies and Beyond: 50 Years of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University / Vincent Kazmierski and Darren Pacione

The Constitutionality of Classification: Indigenous Overrepresentation and Security Policy in Canadian Federal Penitentiaries / D’Arcy Leitch

The Impact of the Honour of the Crown on the Ethical Obligations of Government Lawyers: A Duty of Honourable Dealing / Andrew Flavelle Martin and Candice Telfer

Duets, Not Solos: The McLachlin Court’s Co-Authorship Legacy / Peter McCormick

Reassessing the Constitutional Foundation of Delegated Legislation in Canada / Lorne Neudorf

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers (Book Review) /Andrew Flavelle Martin

Case Comment: Heller v. Uber Technologies Inc. / Peter Quon

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal

Volume 38, Number 3 (May 2018)

Henson Trusts: A Sham in Sheep’s Clothing? A Comment on S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Corp. / Joel Nitikman

Seguin v. Pearson: Due Clarity on Undue Influence / Lionel J. Tupman and Amanda Bettencourt

Beyond Great Expectations: Spes Successionis in 21st Century Canadian Law / Calvin Hancock

Planning Considerations for Digital Assets / Ian M. Hull, Suzana Popovic-Montag, and Nick Esterbauer

The Effective of Exculpatory Clauses / Carla Figliomeni

The Effect of Marriage Breakdown on Pension Rights in Ontario / Melanie Yach and Andrea McEwan

Health Law in Canada

Volume 39, Number 4 (June 2019)

Editorial / Maria Eugenia Brunello and Trudo Lemmons

Assisted Human Reproduction Act Regulatory Proposals and Amendment and the Health and Wellbeing of Children / Juliet Guichon, Barry Stevens, and Ian Mitchell

An Opportunity: Building a Gamete Donor Registry with the Proposed AHRA Regulations / Angela Cameron and Vanessa Gruben

We Need to Know Who We Come From / Barry Stevens

An Anonymous Sperm Donor Critically Reflects on His Experiences as a Donor Within an Industry / “Cameron Sullivan”, as told to Alison Motluk

Missing Concerns and Considerations in the Law and Policy Discourse on Paid Surrogacy and Oocyte Donation / Ubaka Ogbogu

Surrogacy Law in Canada: Towards a System of Incomplete Commodification / Elizabeth Kurz

Reflections on the Commercialization of Surrogacy / Alana Cattapan

Canada’s AHRA and the Exploitation of Gendered Altruism / Vida Panitch

Mind the Gaps: Regulating Assisted Reproduction in Canada / Erin Nelson

Can Parliament Get Assisted Reproduction Policy Right? / Dave Snow

Case Comment: S.H. v. D.H.: Legal Evolution of Embryos as Property and Consideration for Disposition Consents / Lisa Feldstein

To Market, To Market, To Buy IVF / Colleen M. Flood and Bryan Thomas

Plutonormativity: Illuminating Inequities in Assisted Reproduction and Genetics / Josephine Johnston

Caution Against Amending the Assisted Human Reproduction Act to permit Gene Editing in Humans / Chris Kaposy

National Insolvency Review

Volume 36, Number 3 (June 2019)

Guarantee Company of North America v. Royal Bank of Canada: The Ontario Court of Appeal Finds that Construction Lien Act Trusts Survive Bankruptcy /  Matthew Lerner and Scott Rollwagen

Protecting the Collective Insolvency Process: Alberta’s Court of Appeal Upholds the Super-Priority for Receiver’s Fees and Borrowings in Edmonton (City) v. Alvarez & Marsal Canada Inc, 2019 ABCA 109 / Robyn Gurofsky, Jack R. Maslen, and Myles Fish

National Creditor Debtor Review

Volume 34, Number 2 (June 2019)

Parliament Proposes Important Amendments to the BIA and CCAA on Good Faith Requirements, Corporate Disclosure, and Transparency Requirements in Insolvency Contexts / Ari Y. Sorek

When Bankruptcy and Construction Law Meet: Lifting a Stay in the Context of a Breach of Trust Action / Max Gennis and Philip H. Gennis

Commercial Insolvency Reporter

Volume 31, Number 5 (June 2019)

(Not) So Long, Astoria: Only 10 Days to Appeal Orders in Receivership Proceedings / Trevor Courtis

BIA and CCAA Amendments: 2019 Federal Budget Proposes to Legislate on Good Faith Requirements, Directors’ Duties and Corporate Disclosure Obligations / Ari Sorek